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How to Create A Great Customer Service in Our Company?

Entrepreneur Club Indonesia presented CEO Talk on Friday, 27 March 2015 at Wisma BCA, Serpong, Banten. They invited Armand Wahyudi Hartono, Director of BCA and Wani Sabu, Head of Halo BCA as a guest speaker. Armand opened the session by explaining about Halo BCA. He said this is not an office but a playground. After that, Wani gave the audiences a presentation about ‘Delivering Word Class Contact Center’, as people known, Halo BCA is a BCA’s customer services call center.
Armand Wahyudi Hartono, Director of BCA

Wani became Head of Halo BCA since 2006. At her first time, Halo BCA was a bad place to work and a last choices division in BCA. “Working in Halo BCA was not a fun job,” Wani said. At that time, she had a vision to beat Mandiri as a Best Customer Service Banks in Indonesia. But, Armand, as a Director of BCA wanted to bring Halo BCA to the world, not just the best in Indonesia. Until now, Armand and Wani succeed to make Halo BCA as a Best World Contact Centre in 2014. These are the tranformation of Halo BCA:
1. Hotline Center (1995 – 2000)
2. Service Center (2001 – 2008)
3. Solution Center (2009 – 2013)
4. Engagement Center (2014 – present)

Halo BCA's Trophy for Best Customer Care in Indonesia

As an engagement center, Halo BCA also actively call their customers to ask about their needs or their problems using BCA services.

Wani shared how Halo BCA achieved many awards. Here are the tips:
1. Multi Access
Halo BCA had many channels for customer who wanted to ask or complain. They had Call Center (021-500888), Video Banking, Video Call, Website (www.bca.co.id), Twitter Account (@halobca), Email (halobca@bca.co.id), and Fax/Mail.
2. Empowerment for Smart Solution
“We had the tagline Faster, Integrated, and Accurate. So customer can satisfied with our service, because our concern is customer focus,” said Wani who had worked in BCA since 1992. Before being a customer service officers, the candidate had several training classes in order to make them give faster, integrated, and accurate services to customers. There were also team leader who help customer service officers when they found difficulties.
3. Exceptional Service
In order to give the best service to their customer, Halo BCA implied some exceptional service, such as:
- Everyone is customer service officer
From security, banking office, team leader, supervisor, manager, head, until director must give the best service to everyone.
- End to end and fast service
“My job was also to catch the thief who stole our customer’s money,” Wani shared her experienced. It proved that Halo BCA was also gave the end to end services to the customers and they also work with police authority. Besides having many customer service officers, Halo BCA also had back office support officer. So, if there were a problem in customer’s calls, Halo BCA could fix it quickly based on support from back office.
- Know the customer profile
Halo BCA has CRM Application that can discover customer profile quickly. So, when the customers called Halo BCA, the staffs could easily know they profile.
- Halo Solution Center
Halo BCA always strive to be number one in services. Halo BCA also provide face to face interaction services with the customer if there are complaints that can not be resolved in call center.
- Customer Day’s Activities
As an engagement center, Halo BCA tried to visit and entertain their customer not only met them on the phone. For example, Halo BCA held open house and meet customers. Last even was at 14 September 2014 to celebrate National Customer Day.
- Providing more information to find customer’s needs
Making focus group discussion to hear customer’s wants and needs.
- Using The 4 Disciplines of Execution and Kai (Change) Zen (Good) for the employee
Halo BCA had personal staff goals and The Quality Assurance Team would check the staff’s performance every week.
4. Good Job
According to Wani, good company was from good staffs and services. So Halo BCA always look for good people to work with. Here are the ways:
- Hire the right people
- Make behavior training for staff’s soft skill
- Clear career path
CSO candidate had a training

5. Key Performance Indicators
In order to improve staffs performance, Wani was always concern with their quality. These are her explanation in Halo BCA’s KPI:
- Quality Assurance (QA) Team will check Customer Secvice Officers (CSO) performance once a week. They check from three sources, live listen when CSO pick the customer’s phone, listen the recorded voice, and call CSO and pretending as a customer.  QA Team will evaluate how CSO handle and deal with the customers.
- Once a month, QA Team will give a score to CSO. If CSO receives under 86 score, they will sit in an ‘Under 86 Zone’. So that, they can improve their performance to move at the normal zone.
- All the staffs has a creative personal goal boards. Every week, they put their score in their handmade and creative boards.
Creative Personal Goals Board

- All the staffs above the supervisor, such as Supervisor, Head of Unit, Head of Bureau, Head of Halo BCA, and also Director of BCA has a personality pin based on DiSC Test. These are the personality pin (ref: https://www.discprofile.com/what-is-disc/overview/):
a. D pin for Dominance person: person places emphasis on accomplishing results, the bottom line, and confidence.
b. I pin for Influence person: person places emphasis on influencing or persuading others, openness, and relationships.
c. S pin for Steadiness person: person places emphasis on cooperation, sincerity, and dependability.
d. C pin for Conscientiousness person: person places emphasis on quality and accuracy, expertise, and competency.
Halo BCA uses this pin to recognize the caracter of the person. So everyone knows how to communicate with other people effectively.

Armand and Wani applied a positive atmosphere and happy workplace to the staffs. So, they enjoyed doing their works and they would give the best services to the customers.

Workplace in Halo BCA

Armand and Wani also made a competitive environment to the staffs. “Because competition would increased our competence,” Wani said. Another tagline that is always used in Halo BCA was ‘Winner never quit and quitter never win’. So that, Armand and Wani encouraged the staffs to join in many competition, both in customer service competition or community (dance, vocal group, etc) competition.

Halo BCA Vocal Group opened the session
Halo BCA Dance entertained the audiences

The last ways to make a great customer service in our company, as a leader do not to be a dictactor leader to your staffs. Make them a friends and give them a happy worklife. Wani also said, “Success is not just about what you accomplish in your life. It is about what you inspire others to do."

Wani Sabu presented Halo BCA's new mascot
To The New Digital Indonesia with Wani Sabu

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