Senin, 04 Februari 2013

My Best's Birthday on 2012

I had loved to give a photo when my closest friend have a birthday, and here are several photos that I gave to them on 2013.

Bayu Ardiyanto (bf), 13 January
Indira Kartika (SBP mate) , 24 January
Merika Ageng Fristsadewi (highschool mate), 6 March
Risa Listiani (campus mate), 10 June
Kurnia Widyastuti (highschool mate), 17 June
Putri Anindya (highschool mate), 13 July
Eva Yuli Andari (highschool mate), 14 July 
Dianita Putri (KKN mate), 15 July
Rico Dellan (KKN mate), 9 August
Niken Dyah (highschool and KKN mate), 13 September
Diah Sri Utari (campus mate), 29 September
Aditiya Harjon Bahar (highschool mate), 8 October
Salsabilla Sakinah (campus mate), 11 October
Valendra Granitha (KKN mate), 22 October
Lisa Saraswati (KKN mate), 30 October
Priscilla Damara (highschool mate), 14 November
Santika (campus mate), 23 November
Ganta Dipayasa (highschool mate), 25 November
Mustafa Raihan (KKN mate), November

Destia Putri (highschool mate), 17 December

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